I am born on March 21st 1997 in Monza and since then I have never left my city.

At the age of six I started writing my personal diary, which I continued until not too distant times and to which I associate the best memories of my childhood.

In elementary school I meet people I talk to and I still go out today after more than a decade. At the same time, I am very interested in science fiction thanks to watching an episode of Star Trek every morning before going to school. 

Developer from age

Around 2014/2015, at the age of about 17, I began to take an interest in the world of mobile app development. I learn so much about this world, as well as marking many ideas for the future.

On March 20th I launch my first blog (whose articles are now incorporated into this that you are reading) and I decide that it is time to get serious with the development of my apps, so as to become a real developer. I therefore plan a very precise roadmap and start working on many projects that would have been available by the end of 2017. This is how my dream of realizing my dream of distributing experiences able to improve people's lives in the world is fulfilled.

Things are starting to get serious

Starting from the second half of 2017, I meet wonderful people, I make many trips, I strengthen friendships and I launch projects that change my professional future forever. Those months really changed my life by teaching me one thing. No matter what people think, how much I will aim at or how long it will take to achieve my goals: with willpower, determination and stubbornness it is possible to achieve any result.

Working in a

At the end of 2018, my personal projects achieve incredible success, making me earn really important numbers. Then start a job transfer: to work as an individual to work in a team. In February I open my VAT number by offering web services to small-medium enterprises. On March 10, 2019, together with three other Hermes Agency colleagues, with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation of third-party companies by offering Web services, Content Creation and Social Media management.

On April 27th my Content Creator career begins with videos on Youtube, Instagram TV and Facebook with the aim of communicating and bringing the digital world to everyone and telling how it has changed my life.

In 2020 my adventure began with augmented reality with the foundation of an innovative startup dedicated to this technology that, in my opinion, will change the world.